Summertime is here – Careful with these hot clips!


Summer’s here – the sun is high, the air is warm, and our PR clients better be slathering on the sunblock, because they’re getting some…exposure. It’s the perfect time to lounge by the water with a cool drink and the best beach reading available: a light sampling of some of our clients’ hottest press clips.

Others may think of summer as the time to try to achieve the perfect beach body, but the more cerebral and data security conscious among us know it’s all about Beachhead Solutions, our Mobile Device Management client that has been all about offering new products for managed service providers (MSPs) recently. In a nod to good summer fashion sense and wearing white before Labor Day, both MSPMentor and ChannelProNetwork made sure their readers were in the know about Beachhead launching its white label program for MSPs, letting MSPs put their own signature style on top of Beachhead’s inviting features.

Freshly spun out of Ukraine’s largest bank, Corezoid is one of our newest clients, and is already making a splash targeting the U.S. market with its cloud-based process engine technology. Corezoid believes the key to getting banks and other businesses to peak fitness and efficiency is to help them work on their core – their digital core that is – replacing legacy systems with much faster and more capable cloud processing. American Banker ran an article on Corezoid’s benefits, and how banks can find themselves in the summer of their lives again. Over at CoinTelegraph, Corezoid founder Alexander Vityaz gave an interview on the future of banking and where bitcoin fits into the picture (his agreeable answer: banks and bitcoin will work together!)

Our midsummer’s night dream client DreamHost (which in a reversal of our client relationship is actually web hosting the very site you’re reading this on) has made big news recently with its open source public cloud service DreamCompute launching out of beta. TechCrunch was sure to report on the launch, as was The WHIR (among others).

Meanwhile, with the summer sun’s life-giving rays providing long warm days for us all to enjoy, so too has our client Liferay launched its Digital Experience Platform to provide vibrant experiences both online and anywhere a brand interacts with its customers. CMSWire covered the Liferay DXP launch, as did MarTech Advisor for its digital enterprise audience.

Client mLab is trying something new with its name and looks fantastic, having undergone makeover from Mongolab to its current mLab moniker. TechCrunch was sure to cover the name change and what it meant for the company’s big plans for the rest of 2016, as mLab steps beyond its database management origins.

While the rest of us try and get down to the beach this summer, Opengear has taken things a few miles farther. Opengear has implemented their networking hardware – designed to provide resilient connectivity at data centers and remote sites – to aid the University of Hawaii in creating and maintaining the ALOHA Cabled Observatory, which sits on the ocean floor about three miles under the surface. TechTarget’s SearchNetworking conducted an in-depth (get it?) interview on the inner workings of the Observatory, while Campus Technology marveled at the ALOHA’s status as the deepest internet connection on the planet.

Lastly (not in our hearts but alphabetically), Wire Stone has been on a tear solving a plethora of issues for digital marketers through smart technological integrations. In a piece for MarTech Advisor, Wire Stone’s Chief Strategy Officer Neil Michel expanded on how marketers can struggle with data both big and small, and how to best use technology to be effective. In an article in CMO, Wire Stone’s Executive VP Jon Baker recently explained the nuances of navigating agile marketing’s tricky dichotomy between the perspectives of agencies and their clients. CMSWire profiled Wire Stone CTO Fabio Matsui on the company’s most forward-looking technological achievements, including forays into virtual reality which transport customers to immersive new environments. Finally, Wire Stone Search Strategist Kevin Gamache offered his advice on adopting a consumer mindset for your SEO strategy for Search Engine Watch. All put together, Wire Stone is delivering knowledge and solutions on several interesting fronts, providing the peace of mind that digital marketers need to relax and enjoy their summer vacations.

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