February 4, 2010


prPublic Relations

Media relations and outreach

Public relations is competitive, with PR specialists outnumbering journalists nearly 5 to 1. Having a voice with reporters means maintaining relationships, monitoring the right channels, developing efficient communication strategies, and, above all, telling a compelling story to the right audience.

Analyst relations

Industry analysts have a direct channel to B2B customers. Regularly engaging with influential analysts on product updates and company growth helps technology vendors stay top-of-mind as analysts then speak with end-user clients.

Industry events

We advise on events that should be attended, whether it be as a presenter or exhibitor (or both). For speaking submissions, we draft abstracts and work with organizers for placement (oftentimes without needing to sponsor).


We keep tabs on awards and industry honors clients are relevant for, drafting and submitting nominations wherever applicable.


Press releases

While press releases are rarely used as the wire-submitted standalone news pieces they once were, they still have value for complementing media pitches and helping tell a story concisely. A well-written, well-timed release that is part of larger outreach is very much worthwhile in today’s media environment.

Contributed articles and other bylined content

Industry opinions often work well as guest-authored contributed pieces. A large part of our client work, we help conceive, develop, and write thought leadership articles and work with editors to get them placed and published in relevant publications.

Website copy

We help ensure that the words on the website match the messaging used in other marketing and public relations endeavors.

Case studies

When clients’ customers have stories to tell, we help put them into words. In addition to other marketing uses, a good case study with a referenceable customer can go a long way with media.

White papers

We work with clients to develop and draft white papers.

strategySocial Media Strategy

Influencer monitoring and engagements

We use a number of sources – analysts, reporters, active members of key tech communities – to identify and monitor industry influencers. From there we create engagement plans to reach out and work with influencers in mutually beneficial ways.

Commenting campaigns

We look for industry discussions happening on the web that clients can – and should – be a part of.

seoSEO, PPC and Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Using proven onsite and offsite optimization techniques, we can help with organic search strategies to maximize visibility. This also means ensuring that all press materials are serving an SEO purpose.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising / Google AdWords

Many companies waste huge chunks of marketing budget with improperly managed online advertising campaigns (particularly in the B2B sector). We can help retool (or begin anew) Google AdWords and other PPC campaigns to generate leads without wasting money on irrelevant clicks.