December 13, 2010

Adding Beta Users with PPC


To find and add several hundred beta users and to test the messaging effectiveness of five different product features for a new file sharing service offered by Ricoh.


Use targeted pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns on Google’s AdWords and Bing’s AdCenter networks.


The five product features to be tested were each given their own landing page and PPC campaign/AdGroup structure. Conversion tracking was carefully set up on each page so that the relative effectiveness of specific ads and keywords could be tracked. Splitting the overall budget into fifths allowed us to fairly compare the efficacy of the different product features. Looking at metrics like click-through-rates and conversion rates, we were able to make confident conclusions about which product features resonated best with new users.


The PPC campaigns exceeded Ricoh’s goal of 200 new users. Just as importantly, the data was clear and significant enough to determine which product features were most important to new users, thereby setting the future strategy for how the product will be marketed.

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