February 10, 2009

About Us

Clement | Peterson is a boutique public relations firm working with B2B technology companies in the United States and abroad.

Clients choose us because they know their technology business needs more than just traditional PR. That’s why, in addition to being some of the smartest and most efficient public relations professionals in the business, we study the science of influence. Since launching in 2009, we have helped clients drive higher revenues, reach IPOs, get acquired, and effectively engage stakeholders. Clement | Peterson is at the forefront of high quality, boutique tech PR agencies that look beyond getting media clips to really focus on the individualized strategies it takes to help a B2B technology company grow.

In addition to U.S.-based clients, Clement | Peterson also has considerable experience helping internationally-based technology companies gain traction in the North American market, having worked successfully with companies based in the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China, Spain, and Eastern Europe. The Clement | Peterson team is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Denver and Milwaukee.

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