How to Tweet On Behalf Of Brands- Fashion Edition

New York Fashion Week was held this past week and will be ending tonight. In recent years, Fashion Week has reached the masses through the use of social media through different approaches. Some fashionistas in particular are amazingly good at social media for their brands/ designers. For example, Erika Bearman (@OscarPRGirl), and Aliza Licht (@DKNY) tweet on behalf of[…]

Big Stakes in the Arena

Note: This blog first appeared on Wired Innovation Insights on February 12, 2013 with rights to reprint here. For the past two years, I’ve represented a private, emerging-growth business analytics vendor that decided to move into the big data market as early as 2011. Recently, I’ve noticed that this nascent market seems nearly as cut-throat as Rome’s[…]

Media Spreads False Rumor of Nationwide Super WiFi

Did you hear the rumor last week? The Washington Post reported that the federal government is planning to “create super WiFi networks across the nation,” allowing people to access the Internet for free. Other media outlets immediately jumped on the rumor bandwagon, publishing their own articles reporting on the “Super WiFi” plan. Personally, I was[…]